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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Richard Pryor

An excerpt from an interview of one of America's greatest social commentators and its very greatest standup comedian.

Interviewer: What picture would you paint?

Pryor: I have a picture for instance of once I was in a church and Jesus was on the cross and he said, 'Psst! Come here. Get me down. I been up here two thousand years. I'm tryin' to get to the graveyard.' And I took him off the cross and we were leaving the church together and alarms went off and great searchlights went off all over the cathedral and the monks came out and jumped on us and they started beating us up. And they took him and put him back on the cross and they threw me out and I said, 'I'm gonna tell!'. And as they were throwing me out the door the monks say, 'Who's gonna believe you nigger?'

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