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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Wisconsin Volunteers Burned Out?

Although the recall election was already over 2 months ago, Wisconsin Democrats are still burned out and word on the ground has it that volunteer numbers are way down all across the state.

 Yesterday I canvassed again in southeast Wisconsin...

Although it was a Saturday, only 2 other local volunteers showed up at HQ, though during the lead-up to the recall 50-60 people easily were mobilized every weekend in that area, and 50+ people had showed up to an official DNC-watching party just this past week.

Some volunteers might be siphoned off to the different campaign offices in the district, but campaign workers said the bulk of canvassing and calling is falling on paid staff right now, including in Racine and Madison.

Enthusiasm for November was extremely high in African-American areas that I canvassed.  Supposedly some African-American areas of Racine turned out more heavily for the recall election than for Obama's first election, and I wouldn't be surprised if turn-out is still higher for the upcoming election.

The volunteers needed in other areas may not be coming, however.

For all the talk of how Republicans advertise and Democrats organize, people forget that the ads unleashed by Citizens United never get tired, but people do.

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