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Monday, September 03, 2012

Ryan's Bishop, Priest said Mass for Bush-era Janesville GM Plant Closing.

Madison Bishop Robert C. Morlino and Janesville priest Randy Timmerman said a special December 2008 Mass in Paul Ryan's hometown for local Bush-era job losses, including the GM plant closing that Ryan has recently attempted to link to Obama.

At the time, the Janesville Gazette noted that the service was the response of Roman Catholic leaders to "anxiety and fear in their communities."

"We wanted to respond as a Catholic presence" said Timmerman, Ryan's parish priest.

Bringing even greater weight to the event was the presence of Morlino, Ryan's bishop, who made a special trip from Madison for the occasion.

National news sources have questioned how Ryan used a deceptive timeline to falsely attribute the failure of the GM plant to Obama's economic policies.

Notably, the December 16th Mass occurred over a month before Obama took office.

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