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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Wisconsin Vote Suppression: More Thoughts.

When I volunteered in SW Wisc. on the day of Walker's recall election, word was that many African-American precincts in Racine had huge ballot shortages, with the result that many people who would have voted left because of long lines.

People said Madison, for example, also had big turnout, but no ballot shortages.

I wonder if those shortages are the result of deliberate vote suppression by Republican officials, which leaves me with the question:

Who allocates ballots to precincts, is there a paper trail to follow, and are there patterns to past ballot shortages?

Wisconsin GOP officials in control of voting like Waukesha Clerk Tammy Nickolaus already run operations with dubious voting procedures.

Additionally, GOP polling place officials may have tried to deny Racine voters their rights on the day of the recall election.

Above and beyond that, the GOP is trying to suppress Democratic turnout in Wisconsin as a whole through an unneeded voter ID law.

Deliberate ballot shortages in areas with high Democratic turnout def. seems like another strategy that Wisconsin Republicans would try.

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