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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cultist Paul Ryan Gets Objectivist Shout Out from Fox News.

This past January Fox News gave Paul Ryan one sweet heaping of an Objectivist shoutout, a dollar sign on his birthday cake:

 Ayn Rand - who Paul Ryan calls "his single most influential thinker" - wielded the dollar sign as her personal logo, regularly wearing a dollar-sign brooch:

According to the New York Times from March 10th 1982, "a six-foot dollar sign" stood next to Rand's body at a funeral service attended by Alan Greenspan and including many testimonies about how her novels changed lives.

This is above and beyond, of course, how Rand had "Atlas Shrugged" characters smoke dollar-sign cigarettes.

Symbols, scripture, charismatic founder, a comprehensive worldview that gains and retains converts who then proceed to evangelize others - Objectivism is a religion, and Fox News recognized Paul Ryan as a member.

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