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Sunday, July 29, 2012

On-the-ground w/SE Wisc. Dems (6 of 6): Buzz around ad of Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate.

 Oddly, Tammy Baldwin (current U.S. rep, and candidate for the open Wisc. U.S. senate seat) has very little ground operation right now, apparently, and one campaign worker said she's "focusing on introducing herself to the state," esp. through TV ads, while the 4 Republicans candidates battle it out for the nomination.

One (white) (mid-60s) woman who had recently moved back from Arizona and is getting reacquainted with WI politics and whose big issue is Medicare (though she's looking at Paul Ryan's positions!) just *gushed* to me about a new Baldwin ad, where the candidate talks about her grandparents raising her, and thanks them:

"I had to raise my grandkids because of the drug epidemic," the woman was like, "And a lot of people are in that situation.  A lot of grandparents deserve thanks."

She also told me she worked all her life, and ended up finding herself lower middle class.

Talk around the office, too, was that a lot of people were connecting with that ad and were tearing up - I did, and I knew what the ad was about going in! - and if any of the GOP candidates have been talking about Baldwin right now, they have been attacking her over her support for Obamacare.

From what I can tell, then, Baldwin's setting herself up for 2 things:

1) To frame healthcare, Social Security, and Medicare as a personal commitment to caring for seniors.

2) To humanize herself with deeply personal ads, before the attacks on her as an out lesbian start...  I think a lot of Wisconsites would find it mean spirited, to have a guy attack a woman as a pervert, after she's told you about how she took care of her dying grandmother.

Initially, I had wondered why Baldwin didn't have Chicago gays and lesbians come up to canvas, since that would be a natural constituency to draw ground troops from, but now I can see why...

So many of the urban liberals I've been meeting have been tone-deaf, and tell you how they were disgusted with Obama for not coming out and saying he was in support of gay marriage even though they knew he was.

"He should just say it!", a(n early 30s) (white) (female) straight 'ally' once kept telling me, even when I pointed out that he had politically done everything he could policy-wise for gays, and that might inhibit his ability to do other policy initiatives.

"I know, but he should just say it!", she kept telling me, and you could tell she just didn't care, that she wanted a shout-out even if it was counterproductive.

Those are probably the *last* type of volunteers Baldwin needs right now, and hopefully she can keep them tactfully out of the picture - or at least have them give her money and leave it at that.

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