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Sunday, July 29, 2012

On-the-ground w/SE Wisc. Dems (5 of 6): Race relations.

One of the other volunteers was this (white) grandmotherly type who was a bit on the portly side, had the Wisconsin "o", and must have been in her early 70s.

"Make sure you get some lunch!", she told me.  "There's ham salad in the fridge,  potato salad too.  Anything in there you want, just grab it!  It's for everyone"

After my second canvassing shift, she was asking me how I did, and I said I had a ball talking with a few (African-American) voters I met.

"I love canvassing in that part of town," she was like.  "It's my favorite: people are so warm and welcoming, and they always want to know what's going on."

She said during the 1st Obama presidential campaign, she knocked on a door, and the (African-American) voter she wanted to talk to had a bunch of (African-American) people over, so they gave her a beer and had her sit down with them.

"And they invited me back for ribs the next day, too," she was like.

When me and a friend had canvassed in the (African-American) (industrial) parts of NW Indiana for Obama's 1st presidential campaign, a lot of the same stuff had happened - this (older) (African-American) woman who was on the phone and cooking had my friend sit down while she finished stuff, and whipped up a glass of sweet tea for her - and so I mentioned that Obama as a person had opened a lot of doors, bringing together a lot of Democratic constituencies in a real way, where people really talked to each other.

She totally agreed.

When I said, too, that I thought Obama would be more popular and get more votes if he wasn't (black), she agreed, and was like, "But what's so surprising about that, we live in a very racist country."

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