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Sunday, July 29, 2012

On-the-ground w/SE Wisc. Dems (3 of 6): Teachers union members agree with Walker's union-busting!.

One of the most surprising conversations I had was with this (middle-aged) (white) (die-hard Democrat) woman whose husband was working on a car in the driveway and got her out of the house, and who then sat down with her coffee on the front steps and chit-chatted with me.

Her neighbors were high school teachers in the local school district, and they said that it was surprising how many union members at their school agreed with Walker busting unions and cutting school budgets to increase class size, since something had to be done to lower the deficit, and that discussions in the teachers breakroom around that time were just divisive and contentious and awful.

Her one neighbor said that that happened more often than you'd think, too, and that even when directly and adversely affected by Walker's policies (e.g. reduction in benefits; larger class sizes for kids in their classrooms, not to mention for their own kids), many people still went along with them, out of budget-consciousness.

To my mind, that makes it all the more necessary to really hammer home with voters that Dems are the economically responsible ones, which I've done with 2 talking points:

1) The megarich need to pay their fair share (which everyone agrees with; as soon as you say "megarich" rather than "rich", they automatically know it means the Romneys, and not the lawyer down the street with the nice house or someone they know who's done well).

2) That tax cuts for the very wealthy does nothing for the economy, "since they keep it all overseas in swiss bank accounts anyhow."

That last line I tried out a lot when people said something about the megarich being job creators, and they had *nothing* to say in return.

Perhaps one of the best things Democrats could do now is to emphasize un-American corporate villainy, which gets rich off of liquidating jobs (not creating them) and then keeping the money overseas where it does nothing for our country.

Right now unions are demonized, and it takes a villain to replace a villain, and the new (and actual!) villains are the un-American corporate fat cats like the Koch Bros. and their bought politicians like Walker who enable them.

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