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Sunday, July 29, 2012

On-the-ground w/SE Wisc. Dems (2 of 6): GOP Vote Suppression during Walker Recall.

During the night of the Walker recall election, a campaign worker I was going to canvass with in Racine 2 hours before polls close got a call to head over to a Baptist church there because there were problems. 

(If I'm not mistaken ,that was the location where they held off reporting on votes for a long time, and from which ultimately came the over-1% margin-of-victory that allowed the Dem state senator to win.)

Anyhow, I saw that campaign worker yesterday and found out what went on:

Basically, some GOP poll workers were messing with people who were doing same day voter registration (which WI law allows for w/proper forms of ID), even if they had all the proper IDs in order.

When he got there, there was this an old woman who had been waiting for hours because she had been informed that she didn't have the proper ID, and when he got there, they told him the same thing, even though he identified himself and she clearly did have the right ID.  The poll workers started to make a fuss, so he told them he was going to call in lawyers, and in soon as he picked up his cell to call in, they immediately relented, said the old woman had proper ID, and let her vote.

Though everything turned out all right there, it makes you wonder where else that went on and what happened with the people who just left rather than dealing with delays.

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