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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Excellent SEIU ads on Romney

This is why Democrats really need to start donating to outside campaign organizations.  They are able to go after Romney in the way he deserves.

One of the delightful things, at least for Latinos, is the sophistication of their strategy, down to the accents, as these ads target specific states.  I don't know if it's a first in American presidential campaigns, but it's most welcome.

Florida ad:

Colorado ad:

Nevada ad:

Those of you who know Spanish will get catch the fact that there is a phrase that is repeated in each one of the ads, in one form or another, with the term "nosotros" (we) attached. The brilliant thing about it is that "we" within the context of the ad refers to the unemployed, or people who are having trouble making ends meet. But my guess is that it reverberates, far, far deeper. Without mentioning immigration even once, it makes a larger statement about the relationship between Romney/GOP and Hispanics that will cut deep.

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