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Friday, May 18, 2012

The great Donna Summer is gone

But always with us. The first time I heard her perform this was the first time I saw her live. Before an audience of *the* most crazed, enthusiastic fans I have seen for an artist at any concert (yes, including Springsteen), she introduced this song as a song from a musical written for her called "Ordinary Girl." It's a prayer, it's disco, it's alive. It's not her best known song. It doesn't have as killer a hook as that most compassionate of pop statements, "Bad Girls" or the production of "I Feel Love," "Walk Away," "Dim all the Lights" or or any number of other Moroder-era classics. Nor does it have the neat close of "In Another Place and Time." But it's autobiography, and it speaks truth as much as any of her other great artistic accomplishments do. For the first minute alone (a verse cruelly chopped away by a video editor), it's a perfect epitaph.

In case you missed it on the Twitter feed, Ann Powers' piece on NPR was the best of the day.

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