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Monday, May 09, 2011

Intriguing quote

The Washington Post ran a poll of Virginia voters just before the Bin Laden death announcement, in which voters split 48% for the President and 46% for Romney Afterwards, Obama beat him 51 to 44. That's a net improvement of 7 points.

But this was what caught my eye:
The question heading into next year’s presidential election is whether the electorate will look more like the one that voted for Obama in 2008 or the one that showed up in 2010. The Post poll shows that the coalition of voters who turned out for Obama in 2008 is willing, at least in the wake of the bin Laden announcement, to consider doing so again.

“It reaffirmed my decision to vote for him in the first place,” said Kim Bentley, 29, a technology worker from Virginia Beach who is registered as an independent and leans Republican.

Even people who voted against Obama — and are likely to do so again — said they view him in a more favorable light now.

“Ever since Osama got killed, his speeches have been very authoritative,” said Michael Moran, 25, a truck driver from Virginia Beach who typically votes Republican. “I’ve seen a lot more power coming from the office in the last few days. . . . Like or hate his policies, you have to respect him. He’s in cred ibly intelligent and a strong leader and at times can bring the country together.”
A lot to chew on there... not only for students of American politics but the President himself.

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