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Saturday, April 30, 2011

American coverage of the royal wedding

Via The Guardian:
Hadley Freeman emails from New York to say that the US coverage of the wedding "has been somewhat akin to watching a US/UK school exchange writ large, with the Americans playing the wide-eyed naifs abroad and the Brits doing the 'Oh yah, really, you don't know that? Saddo!' condescending teenagers, even if they haven't a flipping clue what they're talking about despite their possession of that qualification of royal expertise, a British accent."

"I don't think Kate's dress will be too billowy," proclaimed British fashion commentator, Louise Roe, on E!.

"Are you sure?" asked Giuliana Rancic, E! presenter and professional thin person.

"Er, I don't know," admitted Roe.

Meanwhile over on CNN, the ever adorable Anderson Cooper affected innocence: "Ozwald [Boateng], for Americans, is Elton wearing a lounge suit or a morning suit?" asked Cooper, as if he – the nattiest dresser in all of Christendom – didn't know.

Fortunately, his co-presenter Piers Morgan was happy to imitate expertise.

"I suspect Elton hasn't been back to Westminster Abbey since Diana died," he claimed, "suspect" being shorthand for "just pulled this idea out of my arse".

"This [wedding] would have been right up Diana's street," he added, proving that he really did have the inside knowledge on the late Princess of Wales. She would have enjoyed her son's wedding? Who knew?

"And she loved her boys," opined Cat Deeley. Truly, you can't pay for expertise like this. No, really, you can't.

It was left to Fox News to fly the republican flag, both in their open mockery of the guests ("Look at that hat! Someone's gonna regret that one day!") and their unapologetic disregard for facts: "You are looking live at Buckingham Palace, London, England," said the announcer as the camera panned across Westminster Abbey, London, England.

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