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Thursday, July 15, 2010


President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner reflects on the passage of gay marriage.
If we think that 50 years ago women couldn't vote, and that it hasn't been that long since interracial marriage was prohibited in the United States, and that here in Argentina the only way to marry was through the Church, and we see how all that changed, then we can say that this has been a positive step that defends the rights of the minority."
It really is that simple. But change doesn't come easy. In America, interracial marriage was opposed by more or less the same people who oppose our own President, the result of such a marriage, today.

It will hardly surprise regular readers of this blog that in Argentina, the most vicious rhetoric against gay marriage came from the nation's cardinal, Jorge Bergoglio.
Regarding same-sex marriage advocates, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, stated in a letter sent to several monasteries in the province that, "theirs is not a simple political struggle, it is about their intentions to destroy God's plan," he stated.

In the letter, Bergoglio warned about a situation "that might gravely damage the family."

"The family's identity and survival is what's at stake here. Mom, dad, and their children," he said, while adding that "the lives of many children are in danger of being discriminated and deprived, before hand, of the human maturing that God professed involving a mother and a father."

"What's at stake is a blatant rejection to God's law, which is branded in our hearts," he explained.

Bergoglio accused the bill of being more than just "a simple legislative instrument" and said it was "a move by the devil, looking to confuse and deceive all children of God."

It's all rather strange. The man who appointed Bergoglio, Pope John Paul II  (likely to be named an antipope in 100 years), covered up the systematic rape of children, a crime about which Bergoglio has been strangely silent, no doubt because his new boss, Benedict XVI, was in charge of the operation. So the idea of a consensual relationship between two adult males is termed satanic, while the coverup of nonconsensual adult-child "relationships" is accepted, even praised.

Small wonder that Argentines turned their collective back on the Church on this matter. I understand that in some corners, that's referred to as the work of the Holy Spirit.

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