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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Markos' tweets tonight

Many are on the money:
GOP backing most electable candidates, sabotaged by teabaggers. Dem base backing most electable candidates, sabotaged by Dem establishment

Congrats to John Boozman, the next senator from the great state of Arkansas.

So for the sake of loser Blanche Lincoln, both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama has alienated labor. Smart!

Just like John Boozman won his Senate seat tonight, so did Barbara Boxer win reelection. Thanks teabaggers!

Also tonight -- Reid won reelection. Never would've guessed it in a million years. I thought he was done. Angle is an unforced error

Won't even be close. Boozman by at least 20%. RT @Karoli: @markos you really pick Boozman over Lincoln? really?

@pbharwood: @markos Unforced error? Angle was a gift from the chicken gods.
More, from his better known perch:
How much do you think the Chamber of Commerce and its corporatist allies will spend on behalf of Blanche Lincoln through the fall? Zero. Suddenly, you're going to see Lincoln quite friendless.
Those evil "out of state" unions and progressive groups sure won't lift a finger to help her. The only question is how much the DSCC wastes on the losing effort.

I've long since quit being impressed by moral victories. In this case, we forced Blanche to dramatically improve the financial reform bill, and it may be too late to strip out her derivatives reform language. And we delivered the kind of pain that no other incumbent wants to suffer. So congressional Democrats have two options -- they can either shape up and be spared primary pain (I'd be happy focusing solely on Joe Lieberman in 2012), or they can be Blanched.
It's much easier to keep your job if you don't have to fight for it twice in a single year.


omen said...

arkansas was an open primary, i just found out.

omen said...

wow, never heard aretha sing that song.

Sini said...

It's not clear which way the GOP vote went. At least some of the strategic voting seems to have gone to Halter, which I'm happy to strategically keep out of the main blog. It's hard to see Lincoln winning though.

I'm not ready to say that this will be a uniformly anti-Democratic wave. Republicans certainly have an advantage, but this may not end up shaking as unidirectional wave. A President who's perceived as an ineffective wimp, however, could help the Republicans along greatly.