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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Andrew Madden

Author of Altar Boy, he was one of the first Irish abuse victims to come forward. Now he has written a chapter in an edited volume in the recently published The Dublin/Murphy Report: A Watershed for Irish Catholicism? The book includes chapters by survivors, theologians, journalists and even a bishop. The excerpt from Madden's chapter is simply devastating:
Can the Catholic Church in Ireland survive all of this? Undoubtedly. They have the leader of our country in our national parliament bending the knee in their direction within a week of reading (presuming he bothered) a report into how they covered up the rape and sexual abuse of children for thirty years.

They have their priests. Those poor priests whose good work we hear so much about! … Working away at the coalface in despair at the way their bishops have let them down – except of course they are not in despair. … They have never spoken collectively in support of a single victim at any time in the last fifteen years …

They will survive too with the support of the ‘faithful.’ Mass-going Catholics who contact radio programmes I’m contributing to and voice support for their inexcusable bishop and then say no, they haven’t read the Report and they don’t know what he’s ‘supposed to have done’. … Mass-going Catholics who march up and down outside ‘sex shops’, objecting to them opening up their areas and then march into Mass the Sunday after the Murphy Report was published with not a scintilla of embarrassment about their sickening hypocrisy.

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