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Monday, April 12, 2010

Will Ireland dump its blasphemy law?

Let's hope so. Maybe a bit of ridicule will help.
While working on his irreverent television series The Savage Eye, which features excoriating sketches about the Catholic church, comedian Dave McSavage says he was sent a draft version of the law by his producers.

"We were told to keep it in mind," he says. If anything, however, the law may simply provide added impetus for entertainers and artists to push the boundaries.

"The recent activities of the Catholic church are much more of an outrage than anything the blasphemy law might be there to prevent," McSavage says.

"Beside pedophilia and the scandalous cover-up that ensued, blasphemy pales into insignificance."

Because of the stinging criticism, the Irish government may now be reconsidering the move. Complaining that he has been the victim of "a sophisticated campaign, mostly on the Internet," [Justice Minister Dermot] Ahern last month proposed holding a referendum on the law, insisting that this was always his "preferred choice."

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