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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pete Wilson

Not forgotten. This was the scene two years ago when his hometown of San Diego honored him with a statue:

Over 150 people gathered in Horton Plaza, San Diego to protest the dedication of a statue in honor of former California Mayor Pete Wilson. Considered to be the "Godfather of Proposition 187", Wilson used his office to target the Mexican and "Central American" community.

Prop. 187 was later deemed to be unconstitutional and illegal.

The crowd chanted "Tear down the statue! Tear down the hate!", disrupting the dedication ceremony across the street honoring Wilson. At times, Wilson gestured to the crowd, acknowledging that the protesters were making their message heard loud and clear.

The protest was coordinated by San Diego activist Enrique Morones. Several groups were represented: Border Angels, Gente Unida, Mexica Movement (Los Angeles), Union del Barrio (San Diego), and many others from both the San Diego and Los Angeles areas.

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