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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I don't know about you

It felt good to know that this President teleconferences with Sarkozy, Merkel and Brown every week. But nowhere as near as good as knowing that he can count on the Easter Bunny for the heaviest matters of state.

Meanwhile, this White House is surely the greatest pop culture juggernaut in the history of the presidency.  Reese Witherspoon strolled in with her kids.  The cast of Glee performed.  The J.K. Rowling read from Harry Potter.  Justin Bieber was there.  Hugest White House Easter get: the two hottest celebrities in the world, Barack and Michelle Obama.

One other benefit: as these tweens turn 18 over the next few years, they may be a lock for Obama's Nickolodeon-friendly presidency.

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el blogador said...

The Easter bunny looks really white standing next to them.