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Monday, April 05, 2010

The government is about to throw the book at Toyota

And you know it's serious, because they're going to hit the company with the maximum fine, $16 million dollars.

I mean, that's like almost eight dollars per affected car!

The Southern, Christianist majority of GOP U.S. Senators would surely prefer to reduce this minimal penalty given its corporatist tendencies and the Japanese carmaker's brilliant strategic decision to locate its plants in the old Confederacy.

Given the American public's (Republican-created) affection for the death penalty, this populist moment is an opportunity for Democratic politicians to get out ahead of the pack.  The deliberate planning of negligent corporate policies that result in consumers' deaths (Toyota) or loss of livelihood (Bernie Madoff) should be criminalized.  Nothing will create corporate responsibility more swiftly than the prospect of the death penalty or, worse, a week in the rape camps better known as American prisons. 

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