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Friday, March 19, 2010

This is how it's done

SEIU attacks Arcuri. But unlike your average progressive group, they are aiming straight for the neck. And other vulnerable places:
At a time when political courage is needed to transform healthcare in this country, Congressman Arcuri’s failure to see the bigger picture and his refusal to vote for the greater good of all Americans is inexcusable.

Congressman Arcuri’s decision to vote against the healthcare reform bill leaves our leadership and the members we represent with no choice but to withdraw our support for his re-election.

We will work aggressively with the Working Families Party in fielding aprimary or third party challenger who shares our progressive values and can be counted on to deliver for working Americans.
The Working Families Party is on board for this plan, by the way. Its executive director confirmed earlier today it will search for a challenger to Arcuri, telling Ben Smith that “this is the most important vote he will cast in his career.”

With heavy labor backing, Arcuri won last time around by a mere two percent of the vote. Without labor support, he could very well lose reelection. If he faces a labor-backed third-party challenger, his situation becomes even more precarious.

So for all the GOP talk about House Dems contemplating a Yes vote have their career on “life support,” for Arcuri, a No vote could very well be a career-ender, too.

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