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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Steve Levy: The anchor baby man

Just when conservative Hispanics seemed to be making headway in New York state politics, the GOP may end up nominating Steve Levy for governor. The Long Island party switcher is best known for his hatred for Hispanic immigrants.
In 2005, Mr. Levy helped orchestrate a highly publicized raid on a house in Brookhaven, where the authorities rounded up dozens of suspected illegal immigrants. He once described foreign women who give birth after moving to the United States as having “anchor babies,” a term often used derisively by anti-immigrant groups. Asked in a recent interview whether he might have chosen his words more carefully, he was unapologetic. “There’s no need to,” he said. “The public is in agreement with me.”

His tendency to say what he believes is what he thinks voters find appealing about him. “I mean, I came out of nowhere for a lot of people,” he said. “And when they started paying attention to what I was saying, it’s like: ‘Wow. This guy is saying what I’ve been thinking for years.’ ”
Still more, from a New York Daily News piece dated August 9, 2009:
Newsday reports that Levy asked someone in the audience, who happened to be a Canadian native, if he was a U.S. citizen. The man answered that he was, to which Levy is reported to have said that was good, because if he wasn't "I'd have to deport you, like the guys back there in the kitchen."

Isn't that funny? The "guys back there in the kitchen" must have been rolling with laughter.

Especially because the jokester was the same person who in 2007 had asked county cops and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to raid homes where illegal immigrants were believed to be living.

Many people were routed from their homes and ordered to disperse without regard for where they went. Orlan Enrique Moreno-Zavala, 22, a Honduran man found dead in February 2007 in the woods near Huntington Station, became a symbol of Levy's abusive policies.

Then, last November, Marcelo Lucero, a 37-year-old Ecuadoran immigrant, was murdered in Patchogue by a gang of teenagers who beat and stabbed him. As you may remember, the killers told Suffolk police they were "out to hunt Mexicans." The assault was classified as a hate crime.

Levy condemned the crime in a news release, but local immigrant leaders said at the time that the anti-immigrant climate he promoted actually had empowered racist mobs.
Levy has certainly picked the right party and should become an icon on talk radio. With teabagger support, he may have a real shot at defeating Rick Lazio for the GOP nomination, though knocking off Andrew Cuomo may be a lot tougher. Best of all, he should keep even the most homophobic, pro-life Hispanics in the Democratic Party for decades to come. Since Hispanics are the state's fastest growing demographic group, all we can say is thank you, Steve Levy!


Media Mentions said...


...It's that simple.


Maria said...

You seem to be forgetting that Levy has a 57% approval rate among Hispanics in Suffolk Co. He is protecting the illegal community from being taken advantage of by the rich white people that love using them as slave labor on LI. Since he is the grandson of Jewish, French & Italian immigrants, I HIGHLY doubt that he is anti-immigrant. Levy just believes they should do it legally, and that employers shouldn't be using these workers' status as an easy way to get cheap labor.

Sini said...

I'd love to see the source for that poll. I feel pretty confident in what I'm about to say: if Levy wins the nomination, he won't get more than 15% of the Hispanic vote in the general.