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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Serena's tweets

Sister act: If we were giving out award for Tweets of the Week, Serena Williams takes first place:

• Hey guys... Ok so this is a weird question- but how many grand slam singles titles do I have.. I can't remember.... Any one out there know??

• Ok guys I'm so serious. I can't remember how many grand slams I have. I see that Tiger Woods has 14 and I've always wanted to catch him!!


• I'm thinking 12 or 13 I'm too lazy to google it...

This, in a 140-character nutshell, is precisely why she is so sensationally polarizing. You either cringe at the immodesty and insensitivity and disregard for history. (@BillGates: "How many billions am I up to? Can someone look that up for me? Preferably on Bing?") Or you marvel at the self-confidence, the brashness, the indifference to tradition and history. Either way, it's seldom boring.

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