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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The rest of the tweets

  1. So far: Yes: 184. No: 160.

  2. Gloria Borger: "Obama wasn't called a socialist much until"#hcr. Has she suppressed the entire 2008 general election campaign?!

  3. Vote on the Senate bill is under way. This bill goes straight to the President for his signature once it passes.

  4. Pelosi quotes Ted Kennedy's letter to Obama: #hcr "the great unfinished business of our society." Pelosi adds,: "That is, until today."

  5. Sitting Republican congressmen openly boo and mock the President of the United States. Sad to see the such an unpatriotic display. #hcr

  6. Speaker Pelosi: This is an *American* proposal that honors the tenets of the Declaration of Ind: life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.

  7. A jublant, ecstatic reception for the woman who owns this victory: the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

  8. RT @ezraklein Republicans have a lot less power to derail reconciliation than they're suggesting. http://bit.ly/9f5NHG

  9. RT @ezraklein So, Boehner has lost it.

  10. RT @Markos RT @socratic: Wait. Wasn't boner the one calling on his caucus to behave?

  11. It's going on four years now, but for Republicans, losing isn't getting any easier.

  12. Pelosi about to speak.

  13. Someone, give Nevada congresswoman Dina Titus a weekly variety show. She's awesome!

  14. RT @adamconner: in case you're wondering who buys those hair products they sell in late-nite infomercials, meet the male members of congress

  15. Today's Socialist tidal wave in French regional elections could launch Martine Aubry towards the country's presidency.http://bit.ly/csX7Ju

  16. Loretta Sanchez apparently a yes on #hcr. Hard to say how today's drama helps her chances in November.

  17. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz- Now *there's* a closer! #hcr

  18. RT @marcambinder Good optics for Dems to have their pro-life contingent being seen as sealing the deal. Agree? Disagree?

  19. Thank you, Massachusetts teabaggers, for delivering this victory to grateful progressives everywhere.http://bit.ly/dbkhsm #hcr

  20. RT @Katrina @ezraklein yes, what has happened to art of rhetoric in this grand land/ Gettysburg Address all of about 224 words.

  21. John Lewis is an icon & civil rights hero, but given everything that happened this weekend, he should have come up with something better.

  22. GOP Texas Rep. Sam Johnson asks us to fight for the freedom he went to war for: freedom from the United States of America. #hcr

  23. "I didn't want to distract" from #hcr, said Charlie Rangel, distracting from #hcr.

  24. Listening to his speaking voice, one can only think that Congressman Dave Camp was aptly named.

  25. Republican blog calls for the assassination of the President of the United States over #hcrhttp://bit.ly/bQxBi5

  26. Primary challenger found for Stephen Lynch. Her name is Harmony Wu. AFL-CIO, NOW,Emily's List,SEIU,you know what to do. http://bit.ly/9eywRO

  27. Bart Stupak defending the President's exec order. The text of his speech, clearly, was written by the White House. Fun! USCCB failure.

  28. Mary Bono is still in Congress? And did she marry Connie Mack?

  29. Rep. Anna Eshoo: "As the Catholic sisters said," this legislation is "life affirming." #hcr

  30. Frank Pallone? Isn't he the guy who sang "Far From Over" on the Staying Alive soundtrack?

  31. John Dingell: This is the biggest day since the passage of Medicare, since the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

  32. Salon: "Catholic healthcare scoreboard: Nuns and laity 2, bishops 0" http://bit.ly/btwEyJ #hcr

  33. Are there any Republicans in the House who *aren't* white Southerners?

  34. What is David Frum referring to as the big GOP defeats of the 1960's? Giving black Americans the vote, I imagine. #hcr

  35. David Frum: GOP and conservatives suffered "most crushing legislative defeat since the 1960s," largely self-inflicted.http://bit.ly/9E87lT

  36. RT @DavidCornDC Hoyer: Don't like govt health care? Then let's can the VA and Medicare. #hcr

  37. Will the Clintons come to the bill signing? #hcr

  38. RT @dmcrawford: Where is Nancy Pelosi? I want her to runway walk into the House like Beyonce did at the Grammys.

  39. RT @nicopitney Senate aide tells CongressDaily that Senate Dems believe they have 52 votes for reconciliation package

  40. Donna Edwards, looking chic and in command in the Speaker's chair. #hcr

  41. If you're curious about what GOP blogs are saying re#hcr,take a look. Hint: they're hoping for a nuclear attack on DC. http://bit.ly/bXd080

  42. It's true. Why use eliminationist rhetoric? An amicable divorce would be so much more peaceful. http://bit.ly/aT54hB

  43. Is Arkansas congressman Marion Barry the guy who said, "B***h set me up?"

  44. RT @markknoller @LauraStroud 2 hrs of debate on #HCR and reconciliation bill begins at 6p. Votes expected to start about 9p.

  45. Now come the rules for debate. Republicans voting faster than Dems. Its 66-88 right now. Joseph Cao,determined to give up seat, votes no.

  46. Jesse Jackson Jr. gavels rules vote to an end. 228-202 victory.

  47. RT @markknoller Anticipating victory, Pres. Obama to make East Room statement tonight after House final passage of#HCR legislation.

  48. Stupak has played his role well. His drama ends up benefiting public perception of the bill. Now let's primary him.

  49. RT @markos BREAKING! -- the GOP

  50. CNN's Dana Bash: Member of Stupak group says he will now vote yes but can't speak for Stupak. Looks like it's over. #hcr

  51. RT @JeffreyYoung_HC Abortion deal struck. Official announcement within minutes. Check http://thehill.com

  52. RT @ezraklein: How can Republicans argue against the Nelson deal? Their party is the one threatening to block the bill eliminating them!

  53. RT @owillis @johnboehner the guy who handed out tobacco money on the house floor wants to highlight backroom deals? really? #p2

  54. RT @ezraklein GOP getting confused and condemning "the Louisiana purchase." Oops.

  55. RT @owillis if only the GOP had issued some parliamentary inquiries in the runup to Iraq War

  56. RT @markos RT @ezraklein: Remember when Reagan said Medicare was going to be the end of American freedom?http://bit.ly/dtkBfn

  57. Any Democrat against #hcr who represents a congressional district Obama carried should face a primary.

  58. Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota now a yes. His seat now at risk and Loretta Sanchez and Stephen Lynch get to be safe? Not fair. Primary them!

  59. Stupak's delays forced many Dems into making yes #hcr votes that could cost them their unsafe seats. For that alone he should be unseated.

  60. If Stupak on board,no more #hcr suspense.Pelosi becomes greatest speaker since McCormack,Obama greatest domestic policy president since LBJ.

  61. MSNBC: Stupak will vote yes on #hcr. Faster than we expected. Note to progressives: that's the power of contested primaries.

  62. "Go back to Africa!" AverageBro,"liberal black man," accidentally winds up with GOP protesters, lives to tell the tale. http://bit.ly/a633QI

  63. Sitting GOP US congressman *defends* Republican protesters' hate speech directed at Reps. Lewis, Cleaver and Frank.http://bit.ly/bJq9TB

  64. Soft bigotry of low expectations. RT @ddayen: OC paper has Lo.Sanchez spokesman confirming that she'll make the votehttp://bit.ly/brrhLM

  65. Simon Johnson on France, Germany and the Greek bailout. Great, savvy stuff from a guy who knows every in and out.http://bit.ly/a7vsAV

  66. Too bad Christiane @AmanpourCNN didn't start work at ABC today. She would have had a field day with all the GOP/Christianist hypocrisy.

  67. Second member of Stupak group,Rep Dalhkemper, about to split.Still not clear if this comes in advance of or without EO.http://bit.ly/bJq9TB

  68. The ultimate indictment of the damage John Paul II did to the American Church is the bishops' unchristian,reiterated betrayal of the poor.

  69. They betrayed Hispanics and lied about #hcr abortion clauses. You have to wonder if the US Bishops Conf. are more Republican than Catholic.

  70. By buying ads against #hcr,US Cath Bishops proved their concern for life only until birth. By losing Stupak 8, they proved their impotence.

  71. With Stupak 8 following President's executive order banning federal money for abortion, there are 222 Dems for #hcr, 6 more than necessary.

  72. @markos Loretta Sanchez might vote "no"? Is she really that stupid?

  73. Russert: Obama executive order will reiterate the Hyde Amendment. If so, US Catholic Bishops lose in every possible way.Hooray for the nuns!

  74. Per @JoeTrippi, corrupt election commission in Iraq won't do a recount. I guess they imitated us too well#corruptsupremecourt #2000 #gore

  75. RT @Taniel Another big get Dem leadership seemed genuinely worried about. RT @ddayen: Solmon Ortiz will vote Yes.

  76. RT @chrismatth "I'm sorry, but I'd rather spend money to save 40,000 lives than start another war. Thanks." #HCR

  77. Why didn't Marcy Kaptur wait for the executive order? Was it a break with Stupak or is she telegraphing that the deal's already done? #hcr

  78. RT @Taniel: Very big news: Marcy Kaptur is now a yes! First real Stupak ally to break with his bloc.... #hcr

  79. If you vote against health care for the already born, never again can you claim to be pro-life. #hcr

  80. Stupak must realize he could lose a primary if he votes "no" on #hcr. He needs a deal on the executive order more than the President does.

  81. Luke Russert: Dems he spoke to say they have 214 votes. Need 216. #hcr

  82. RT @peterdaou Unreal: this morning, both WaPo.com and CNN.com featuring college hoops as prominently or more prominently than #hcr

  83. Hoyer per MSNBC: Votes needed "in the single digits." Duh, we already knew that. #hcr #uselessinformation

  84. Stupak: Dems don't have votes for #hcr. He should be primaried no matter which way he ends up voting. Send some cash to Connie Saltonstall!

  85. Chairman of the Democratic caucus, Rep. John Larson of Connecticut: "We have the votes now. As we speak" for #hcr.http://bit.ly/9OoOvB

  86. On Tuesday, AIPAC will send activists to 500 congressional meetings to back Likud/Shas/Yisrael Beiteinu agenda.http://bit.ly/afkKyz

  87. Is China funding its university researchers with the purpose of creating war plans against the United States?http://nyti.ms/9tvv9L

  88. Between the NYT and Politico retrospectives today,it's clear that the real hero in the battle for #hcr has been Pelosi.http://bit.ly/bGqqcs

  89. NORML delivers the issue ad to end all issue ads:they aren't just admakers for the pro-pot lobby, they're also clients!http://bit.ly/akap7A

  90. Sunday immigration rally will attract 50x as many marchers as racist teabag #hcr protesters but will be lucky to get 1/50 of the coverage.

  91. SC Sen Jim Demint, Republican, praised "patriot" protesters at the same time they hurled racist slurs at John Lewis. #hcr

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