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Sunday, March 07, 2010


Virginia's Christianist Attorney General, as I tweeted before, has now rescinded the ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation in public universities, a move that we now see splits even elements of the Republican base.

I wonder if this presents Congress with an opportunity to deny federal funding to public universities that permit discrimination based on sexual orientation. Given the fissures even in the Republican base (and widespread opposition to discrimination among independent voters), this may be an issue that can be federalized at little cost to Democratic politicians. This may be the time to strike.

Of course, this is also the right window of opportunity, as this blog has noted repeatedly, to pass ENDA, not least because the politics may actually favor Democrats, a rarity for a gay issue. But as the left has never cared to understand (but the right always has), nothing else on the legislative or presidential agenda can advance so long as health care consumes all the political oxygen.

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