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Monday, March 15, 2010

Most telling sections

Q: Was he surprised to see you?

A: Well, what Johnny later told me was, he went to dinner and could not stop thinking about me. [...] And I thought his reaction when he saw me was just so cute. I mean, he looked like a little kid at Christmas. And I just uttered to him, "You're so hot." And he said, "Why, thank you!" And he almost jumped into my arms. Literally. And um, that's how we met. On the corner of 61st and Park Avenue.

Q: The "You're so hot" line was one of those things, when Elizabeth did her book tour, that she seemed very appalled by.

A:Look, I could have said A, B, C, D, and E. [laughs] It didn't matter. And it's funny, because the only reason I said, "You're so hot" is because Tony said, "Oh, he would love to have heard that." And he did love it. Without a doubt. And by the way, he is hot. He is not the two-dimensional geek that I thought he was, by any stretch of the imagination. He is hot. [...]

Q: Did you encourage him earlier to be truthful?

A: Um, once again, in a male-female relationship, you can offer… I mean, the way that I have learned to keep a relationship going is to offer your advice when asked for it, and love unconditionally when it's not taken.

Q: That must be hard to do.

A: It's beyond difficult. To allow a man to be a man. The biggest mistake that I find is that women attempt to make men women. You know, we want them to be like we are. We want them to get it immediately and do things the way that we want them to do them. And men are men. And I love him for being a man. But oh, my God, yes, it's been infuriating so many times.

Q: One thing that jumped out to me from Game Change was that you "flirted outlandishly with every man." Did you?

A: Oh, my god, that is so hilarious to me, because I was so in love with Johnny. Why would I be flirting with anybody else? Men misread this all the time. If you're open and look someone in the eye, they think you're flirting with them! Because, Oh, my God, somebody's listening to me. So a lot of men think that I'm coming on to them if I'm actually just listening to them.

Q: What does that say about men?

A: They're starving for love and attention is what it says.

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