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Thursday, March 04, 2010

More on California's anti-gay, closeted GOP Congressman

The manager of the gay bar he was (allegedly) in says she didn't see him, and that "a white guy" would have stuck out "like a sore thumb" because it was Hispanic night.

I can't really improve on the TPM reader comments so I'll just copy them.
• So she didn't happen to see this guy in a huge crowd? So that's evidence of what--that he wasn't there? Or she just happened not to see him? Also, not to nitpick, but Latino is an ethnicity not a race. You can be white, black, or brown and be Latino.

• Latin Night sounds like THE fun night in Sacramento.

• The only fun night in Sacramento takes place when you're watching the city lights recede in your rear-view mirror.

• You know it's tough when even the closeted, racist, white cultural fear based conservatives don't wanna sleep with a white guy.

• Smart move. Deny you served a drunk. Ashburn figured if he's going down this gay club will break his fall.

• He was wearing a Sombrero to blend in.

• "Hola Senor. Quiere un paseo a caballo?"

• Since it's kind of a bad thing to serve a guy and then have him go out and get a DUI, I doubt the manager of the club would be willing to rack her brains on this one, and neither will any of the bartenders or servers. It would be better to ask the patrons, but even they might not be enthusiastic about saying something that would make their favorite club the object of scrutiny.

• If the manager says she saw him, she could be in for a law suit for overserving him. If I were she I probably would say the same thing. CYA first.

• "A white guy would stick out like a sore thumb, like that guy in the Groucho mask hanging around the bathroom last night."

• I have it on deep background that he was wearing a fake Frito-Bandito mustache!

• She wouldn't have seen him at all on his knees.

• I'm beginning to suspect that the GOP's "big tent" is really a big closet.

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George Vreeland Hill said...

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They want to be together in a bond that makes them one with each other forever.
It is a wonderful thing to have such a bond.
It is special.
It is love.
When a man and a woman get married, no one blinks an eye.
If two men or two women do the same, then many people do not approve.
They claim that it is not right or that it soils the real meaning of marriage.
What is the real meaning of marriage?
The answer to that question is in line one of this article.
It is because they love each other.
Does it matter if the couple is gay or straight?
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George Vreeland Hill