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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Melissa Harris Lacewell

The Princeton political science professor, so rarely insightful in her TV appearances, writes a few interesting tweets on today's protests:
I'll be interested to see how racist heckling is covered by MSM.

I'm still uncomfortable w/ assuming that shouting N-word is most salient expression of racism. It's too simplistic.

Focusing on racial outbursts obscures far more damaging realities of institutional and structural racism.

On the other hand these outbursts are revealing about many of the underlying anxieties & biases that fuel opposition.

I'm waiting for this logic: teabaggers can't be racist.Clarence Thomas' wife is one.And she is *married* to a black man.

Ha @profblmkelley you and I had same thought at same time! Tavis is like a black, slightly more civil version of TeaParty.

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