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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The latest abortion campaign

It was the #1 story in the New York Times for days: an abortion film and campaign that targets African Americans. Here's the back story: NPAC was created by Karl Rove in an attempt to create a permanent Republican majority. Not by getting all the black vote, an impossibility, but by scraping off, say, 10%. Since somewhere between 60-80% of Southern whites vote Republican, that extra 10% would be enough to kill any Democrat's chances of victory. NPAC created the Frederick Douglass Foundation, to recruit black Republican candidates. Timothy Johnson, its head, spoke to Sarah Posner of Religion Dispatches:
About the film, Johnson said, "In the black community, if you start giving them some purity, if you tell them, if you believe what happened at Tuskegee was true, that people were injected with syphillis then you must be at least willing to consider that it might be true that eugenics is linked to Planned Parenthood," as the film claims to document.

He told me today that screenings of the Maafa 21 film have been "awesome" because "people are pissed." The self-described proud black Republican continued, "They've been lied to. They've been hoodwinked. If you know anything about black history, that's one of the things that Malcolm X used to say that all the time."
Malcolm X did say that. And he also had a name, derived from the old plantation days, for leaders like Johnson.


Anonymous said...

Your analysis is most offensive.


Archibald C. Epps III

Anonymous said...

Maafa21 was produced by Life Dynamics in Denton Texas and has nothing to do with those other groups. If you are going to "Investigate" get your facts correct. Have you watched Maafa21 or are you just a "side-line" reporter repeating what others say without verification. I have watched Maafa21 and let me tell you that film is LOADED hear me LOADED with documentation. Better yet- the film quotes Planned Parenthood founders, Margaret Sanger, and her followers directly. So no matter what the motive, the group, or the reason the documentation is very compelling and this is just a smoke-screen by supporters of Planned Parenthood to keep people from seeing the truth. Watch Maafa21, see the documentation, listen to the RACIST quotes, then tell me who has the REAL racist agenda here. Go to http://www.maafa21.com for a preview.

Sini said...

If there's anything pro-lifers are known for, it's having a command of science.