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Sunday, March 21, 2010

JUSIPER tweets on health care vote

Last hour:

They betrayed Hispanics and lied about #hcr abortion clauses. You have to wonder if the US Bishops Conf. are more Republican than Catholic.

By buying ads against #hcr,US Cath Bishops proved their concern for life only until birth. By losing Stupak 8, they proved their impotence.

With Stupak 8 following President's executive order banning federal money for abortion, there are 222 Dems for #hcr, 6 more than necessary.

RT @markos Loretta Sanchez might vote "no"? Is she really that stupid?

Russert: Obama executive order will reiterate the Hyde Amendment. If so, US Catholic Bishops lose in every possible way.Hooray for the nuns!

Per @JoeTrippi, corrupt election commission in Iraq won't do a recount. I guess they imitated us too well #corruptsupremecourt #2000 #gore

RT @Taniel Another big get Dem leadership seemed genuinely worried about. RT @ddayen: Solmon Ortiz will vote Yes.

RT @chrismatth "I'm sorry, but I'd rather spend money to save 40,000 lives than start another war. Thanks." #HCR

Why didn't Marcy Kaptur wait for the executive order? Was it a break with Stupak or is she telegraphing that the deal's already done? #hcr

RT @Taniel: Very big news: Marcy Kaptur is now a yes! First real Stupak ally to break with his bloc.... #hcr

Last two hours:

If you vote against health care for the already born, never again can you claim to be pro-life. #hcr

Stupak must realize he could lose a primary if he votes "no" on #hcr. He needs a deal on the executive order more than the President does.

Luke Russert: Dems he spoke to say they have 214 votes. Need 216. #hcr

RT @peterdaou Unreal: this morning, both WaPo.com and CNN.com featuring college hoops as prominently or more prominently than #hcr

Hoyer per MSNBC: Votes needed "in the single digits." Duh, we already knew that. #hcr #uselessinformation

Stupak: Dems don't have votes for #hcr. He should be primaried no matter which way he ends up voting. Send some cash to Connie Saltonstall!

Chairman of the Democratic caucus, Rep. John Larson of Connecticut: "We have the votes now. As we speak" for #hcr. http://bit.ly/9OoOvB

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