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Friday, March 19, 2010

Help Steve Levy win the GOP nomination!

Yesterday, we previewed Steve "Anchor Baby" Levy's potential entry into the New York governor's race. Today it's official. The  Long Islander will switch parties, he will certainly find the GOP far more hospitable to his long history of Hispanic-bashing and pogrom incitement.  And we should extend our thanks in advance; he's about to do to New York Republicans what Pete Wilson did to California Republicans. Let's look back at this CalNews piece from 2002:
The long slide into political oblivion of the California Republican Party that started 20-years ago when Republicans won the governorship with a bland Long Beach lawyer will be complete this November 5th Election Day.

The slide accelerated when Republican Governor Pete Wilson blithely blamed all immigrants for the state’s budget deficit he inherited from the bland Long Beach lawyer/governor whose name few can remember. It jumped into high speed when the mossbacks Pete Wilson anointed to run the state Republican Party pumped $300,000 into a petition drive that resulted in the illegal proposition 187.

The thrashing of Republican Dan Lungren by Governor Gray Davis in 1998’s election appeared to be as low as California Republicans could sink, but it wasn’t even close. Only one Republican managed to win a statewide race that year. None will probably win this year.

State Democratic Chairman Art Torres infuriated California Republicans when he declared that Proposition 187 (and its Republican Backers) was the “last gasp” of “white (redneck) America.” How true.

Despite spending millions in California, Candidate George W. Bush, hardly improved the disastrous results of the state’s 1998 election and it wasn’t even his fault.
Thank you, Steve Levy!

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