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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Empty pyramid scheme

Given the many legal protections and tax exemptions our government gives to religious groups, the least we could demand in return is a detailed, external annual financial audit made publicly available over the Internet. That way we'd know how much of parishioners' hard earned cash went to lawyers' fees for child rape cases, or, in the case of Scientologists, empty buildings.

Meanwhile, Scientologists seem to abuse auditing as much as secretive Catholic organizations like Opus Dei and the Legionaries' abuse of the confessional.
“All of the auditing that you do, there’s files kept on it,” Ms. Collbran said. “All of the personal things you ever said, all the secrets, the transgressions, are all kept in there. They went through that file, wrote this affidavit as if I wrote it — and I never wrote this affidavit, the church wrote it — and made me sign it.”
Scientology's current spokesman Tommy Davis is right about one thing. When it comes to shunning and religious abuse, "Scientologists are no different from Mormons, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Amish."

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