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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boston, Cambridge and Somerville: Call to action

Josh Marshall reports that Rep. Michael Capuano is thinking of voting "No" on health care reform. No telling whether this is some kind of ploy or not, but those of you in his district, which includes Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea and Somerville, call his office Friday morning at 202-225-5111 or his district office at 617-621-6208 and let him know what you think. It's one thing to lose a vote in a Republican district. To lose a vote from a district in which Republicans come in third or fourth is simply outrageous.

If he votes no, there are plenty of candidates in that politician-heavy area who would be willing to launch a primary bid against him.

My gut feeling is that this is a negotiation tactic of some kind, maybe to improve the bill, maybe to win some other concession. I can't believe that Capuano, who has a decent shot at graduating to the Senate in 2012, would want to end a promising political career, no matter how insincere his populist, progressive credentials.

UPDATE: That didn't take long. A potential primary contender came forward this evening!

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