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Friday, February 12, 2010

Patrick Kennedy will not run for re-election

Sad news for the nation.

On the same day, however, Rhode Island made history in a different way:
Gordon D. Fox was elected as the state's first black and openly gay House Speaker, moments after West Warwick Democrat Willliam J. Murphy relinquished the helm on Thursday.

Fox was elected House Speaker with 51 votes; another 14 went to Rep. Gregory Schadone, D-North Providence, and five to House Minority Leader Robert Watson, R-East Greenwich. [...]

He has been guarded about where he stands on some of the more volatile issues the 2010 legislature is likely to face, including casino gambling and gay marriage.

An openly gay man, Fox says he is "in a long-term relationship, but not officially married ... When I get married, I would like to do it in my home state."

Fox said he was reluctant to make a hard-and-fast commitment to bring the issue to the House floor for a vote after Murphy leaves, without "a lot of internal discussions." But, "we should have equal marriage rights in Rhode Island ... That would definitely be something on a personal level I would like to see." [...]

Fox is the son of an Irish father and a Cape Verdean mother, who grew up in the Mount Hope area that forms part of his East Side district .District landmarks include the Charlesgate nursing complex and Brown Stadium.

Biracial, he once told a reporter that he calls himself black because he hopes his achievements will serve as a role model for black youngsters, to send them a message, "If I can do it, you can do it also."

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