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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mitch Landrieu avoids the runoff

He is now Mayor-elect of New Orleans. a prospect we've been tracking for some time now. Happier still, it wasn't even close.
With 58 percent of the city’s 366 precincts reporting, Mr. Landrieu had 67 percent of the vote. His closest challenger, Troy Henry, a businessman and first-time candidate, had 13 percent.
Though you wouldn't know it from post-Katrina press coverage, departing mayor Nagin was a Republican until he realized he needed some black votes in order to let the GOP control city contracts.
as “the pro-business alternative”. His opponent Police Chief Richard Pennington often called him “Ray Reagan”, for Nagin’s campaign contributions to George W. Bush’s 2000 Presidential campaign and his support of normally GOP positions.

In the end, Nagin rewarded his white supporters, assembling an administration that drew heavily on Republican and Caucasian appointees. He even endorsed Republican Bobby Jindal over Democrat Kathleen Blanco.
Good luck to Landrieu. It's a tough job, but with Nagin out, the city at least has a chance at good governance after eight long, corrupt, incompetent years.  And congratulations, further, on a truly rare achievement: he won two-thirds of the white vote, and two-thirds of the black vote, running against a black candidate. If only that had happened four years ago against an undeserving, reinvented, hypocritical Ray Nagin.


omen said...

4 years ago, the area's oldest black newspaper warned the city not to vote for nagin.

Sini said...

Yes, the whole Chocolate City episode. His whole life was one long cynical exploitation of race. But only for his own betterment.