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Sunday, February 14, 2010

"The Jews made me use this woman for sex!"

Shocking news of Israeli treachery from the Palestinian authority:
Facing a corruption scandal that has rocked the highest echelons of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, the Palestinian president suspended his chief of staff on Sunday while a committee investigates accusations that the aide traded influence for sex.

A videotape broadcast by an Israeli television station last week shows the chief of staff, Rafiq Husseini, waiting naked in bed for a Palestinian woman who was said to have come to the president’s office seeking government help.

The accusations against Mr. Husseini, brought to light by a former senior Palestinian intelligence officer, have stoked a crisis of confidence in Palestinian leadership and led to accusations that the affair was part of an Israeli plot to discredit the Western-backed Palestinian government. The scandal has added another element of discord to the region at a time when the Obama administration was trying to coax the Palestinians back to peace talks.
Hamas, is shocked, shocked, I tell you:
The scandal has jolted the Palestinian Authority, already weakened by the internal schism that left Gaza under the control of the Islamist group, Hamas.

In conservative Arab Muslim society, the sexual aspect of the affair “is something shocking, an earthquake,” says Mahdi Abdul Hadi, an independent Palestinian analyst and director of PASSIA, a research institute in East Jerusalem.
Hamas' preference, of course, is that women not be seen at all. Because we all know that hidden behaviors always result in less exploitation.

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