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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The good news: it's not about adultery

The bad news: today's story is about corruption. And the other story, whatever it is, isn't scheduled to break till Thursday.
NEW YORK (WPIX) - PIX News has learned that federal prosecutors are investigating Governor David Paterson's awarding of a lucrative contract to a politically connected group to run a gaming center at Aqueduct Raceway.

The embattled Governor who appears to have dodged the bullet of rumors and innuendo that had been circulating over a purported "bombshell" story being prepared by the New York Times, is now part of a probe by the Eastern District U.S. Attorney's office in Brooklyn. [...]

Paterson has been under fire by members of his own staff and legislative leaders for awarding the contract to Aqueduct Entertainment Group, a group that includes former Congressman Rev Floyd Flake, whose political support the Governor had been aggressively seeking.

Flake had said publicly that he was considering endorsing Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for governor, if he decides to run. The loss leading of a black Democratic leader's support would be a serious setback for Paterson. After the contract was awarded to Flake's group, the Governor met with the Queens leader, but Paterson's office denies any endorsement was discussed.

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