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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Conan is dead to NBC

Hey, remember that time you cut your ex's face out of all the wedding photos? Now imagine you're NBC.

One would hardly expect the network, which parted ways with Conan O'Brien in January, to keep a lot of sentimental mementos hanging around. But considering the long history O'Brien had there, you might expect something to remain, if only for the fans. Think again. NBC has quietly scrubbed the redheaded host from its history. Not content to have his image removed from the mural at 30 Rock (replaced by one of -- ouch! -- Jay Leno) and his set dismantled, the network appears to have obliterated his whole oeuvre from Hulu and the NBC online archives. There aren't even any photos of the guy to be found on NBC's Web page.

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