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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bad as George W. Bush was

Remember, Jeb Bush is a lot worse. And as a red meat conservative and former governor of Florida, could easily be the next Republican nominee.
The brothers differed in opinion on subjects such as Sarah Palin. Although, both tried to stay neutral, George W. said vice presidents don't win elections.

The former president also said attacks on America is what keeps him awake at night after 9/11.

Most notably the Bush brothers disagreed on the Senate race between Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist. Jeb Bush says he is officially neutral, but is disappointed in Crist's embrace of the stimulus bill. George W. Bush joked "who the hell is Marco Rubio", something that even caught the attention of this high schooler.

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omen said...

in the run up to the election, i remember being surprised that laura bush came out and confirmed the obvious and announced sarah palin lacked foreign policy credentials. the subtext of course being that palin was unqualified to be vp.

i can only guess how much of that was driven by dubya's antipathy against mccain.

oh wait, did laura do that in order to clear an easier path, in a plot to return jeb to the white house?

surely, this country has had their fill of the bushies. even conservatives.