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Thursday, February 11, 2010

"As Rev. Jesse Jackson once said, ‘God isn’t through with me yet.'"

Fortunately, the New York Senate is. Homophobe Hiram Monserrate became the first state senator to be expelled by the body in nearly a century. In case you missed the story, here's why:
Hospital workers testified Thursday that Hiram Monserrate's gal pal blamed the lawmaker for slashing her and called him "crazy" while the pol claimed it was an after-sex accident.

As Karla Giraldo was being treated, the state senator defended himself to Dr. Donald Frogel in the waiting room of Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

"He said that the patient came over to his apartment that night," Frogel said in a police statement read at Monserrate's assault trial.

"They had sexual intercourse and then got into an argument. She was very upset. As he was handing her the glass, he tripped and consequently the glass shattered. There was glass everywhere."

Monserrate's story - that the Dec. 19, 2008, incident was an accident, not a jealousy-fueled attack of rage - was contradicted by another doctor and a nurse.

The emergency room workers recounted what Giraldo - who now backs Monserrate's story - told them as she hid cuts around her left eye behind a blood-smeared towel.

"They were fighting, and he took a piece of glass and cut her face," Dr. Dawne Kort said. "She repeated many times that it wasn't an accident."
Not surprisingly, the only senator who publicly defended Monserrate was its only evangelical pastor, Rubén Díaz. If there's one thing that Christianists, Islamists and secular politicians like Hiram Díaz have in common, it's their extraordinary tolerance for the oppression of women, otherwise known as "headship."

Hiram avoided the felony charge he surely deserved. And he can sleep even better knowing that gay unions won't threaten the integrity of his future marriage to whichever women whose face he's planning to cut up next.


Anonymous said...

Wait, you scrub this blog of comments after they force you to correct misstatements? How disrespectful to loyal JUSIPER readers.

Sini said...

True. But nowhere near as disrespectful as Hiram Monserrate was to his girlfriend.