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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Will Charlie Crist switch parties?

Wouldn't that be something?


omen said...

i would think dems would feel sorry for crist, having to contend with teabagger madness, and would cross over to vote for him. and also to reward his having reached the aisle in support of obama & the stimulus.

i didn't know it was crist's idea to put in high speed rail. obama's town hall in florida highlighted that fact. that should buy crist a few points in the polls, letting people know crist was committed to drumming up job creation projects. what high profile project can rubio point to?

i wish lincoln chafee were still around. we could have used him.

Sini said...

They might feel sorry for him, but I believe this is a closed primary, which is probably the main reason he's screwed. Crist will always be my favorite GOP governor simply for giving felons their franchise back. Most Democratic governors don't have the guts to do that.

Sini said...

Republicans don't like job creation projects. If it weren't a closed primary, however, it would definitely help Crist.