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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What issues worked for Scott Brown?

Torture, for one:
Scott Brown's top strategist, Eric Fehrnstrom, told reporters this morning that Brown's demand that terror suspects be tried outside civilian courts had proven a more powerful issue than health care in the Massachusetts senate race.

Brown said during the campaign that he didn't believe the Christmas Day bomber should be tried in civilian courts, and said he didn't think waterboarding is torture. He ran an ad arguing that Constitutional rights don't apply to terror suspects.

"National security was a more potent issue than healthcare based on the polling we saw, on dealing with terrorists as ordinary criminals versus enemy combatants," said Fehrnstrom. It was "an issue that worked for us across the spectrum," he said, with the timing of the attempt putting it into particular relief. "
@benpolitico quotes Fehrnstrom as saying Brown raised $12 million online. Patrick Ruffini: "$12 million, is I believe, the biggest online fundraising event for any statewide candidate, R or D, ever."


omen said...

i didn't know brown was pro-choice. do the teabaggers know that? here comes another romney evolution.

Sini said...

He got a free pass on that. His stances on a lot of social issues were very carefully worded, but the right understood he was a stealth candidate, so that stuff didn't matter. In the end he needed independents, because there are more of them than in MA than Republicans and Democrats put together. His victory depended on a mix of them and the Weld Democrats, and he got them by about 19-1.