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Monday, January 25, 2010

What is Harold Ford really up to?

After today's op-ed, it's pretty obvious he doesn't even want to win the Democratic primary. Is he actually trying to pull a Lieberman and run as an independent down the road? Or is all this just an application for a fatter bonus from his current employed, Bank of America Merrill Lynch?


omen said...

it's meant to drive up support for gillibrand, if you ask me. they're both clintonistas, so i don't see them as being on opposing teams. ford getting in holds off other contenders and sets her up as a less worse alternative when voters have been cool towards her but are put off by ford jumping in when he hasn't yet paid his dues. either way, banksters get a yes man.

omen said...

at least that's the impression i got from reading this local oped.


uh oh, i just noticed he's hosted by politico's ben smith. that set off a red flag.

is the timid and weak gillibrand being set up to get knocked off by a stronger republican?

Sini said...

Yes, she is being set up. It's always amazed me how such a great state gets such unbelievably crappy politicians. Is there no one who can challenge these turkeys from the left?!