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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Serena's inspiration?

The Aussies:
Williams, meanwhile, left with a satisfied grin after again defying the critics who had seen her less than brilliant play in the early rounds and who believed she would struggle to get the job done in the final. Yet again she saved her best for last, serving superbly as she moved alongside Billie Jean King on the list of all-time grand slam champions. Williams said it had been inspirational to have King watching from the stands but that the real motivation came from elsewhere. "I think everyone was [cheering] for Justine," she said. "But you know what really helped me out? This one guy was like, 'You can beat her, Justine; she's not that good.'

"I looked at that guy and I was like, 'You don't know me,' " she said, wagging a finger for extra effect. "I think I won all the games after that because that's totally rude."

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omen said...

if you missed obama addressing the gop conference, cspan is reairing it later tonight. it was better than the sotu.