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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roxanne Conlin gets it

This comes from the Iowa U.S. Senate candidate's fundraising email:
In America we have systems like speed limits, no passing zones, and air traffic control because they keep us all safe. When Senator Grassley deregulated Wall Street he threw open the doors to unrestrained greed and recklessness.

Communities across our state are now suffering from home foreclosures, farm foreclosures, and bankruptcies. So many of our friends -- who were just years away from retirement -- watched their savings vanish.

Senator Grassley and his colleagues in Washington allowed the greed on Wall Street to put all of us in jeopardy. Iowans lost homes, jobs, and dreams of retirement. We wouldn't board a plane without air traffic controllers on duty or drive on a road without speed limits. The irresponsible deregulation of Wall Street put us all at risk, and this November we can hold them accountable.

Last week several hundred supporters sent a message to Chuck Grassley telling him to restore oversight through the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA). We know these Wall Street guys are going to do everything they can to increase their already outrageous bonuses. They will hurt us all by putting unfair conditions in the fine print of our credit cards, using disingenuous introductory rates and then jacking up our fees.

Together, we can stop them.

Iowans should expect their Senator to be looking out for them. With your support and generous contribution, Iowans will finally have someone looking out for them and not for Wall Street.

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