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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reader comment

From over at Cosmo's Carrie Prejean Scott Brown nude site:
Think what would happen if Martha Coakley exposed herself like this in her past. Would she even be a viable candidate? No effing way.
Now, there's nothing wrong with combining nude work with politics, particularly when it's a qualification of sorts for the office. Porn star Stormy Daniels, for instance, makes some sense as a candidate for the Louisiana senate seat because her Republican and very religious opponent consorted with prostitutes while wearing diapers. Her candidacy allows people to protest against conservative religious hypocrisy everywhere.

The problem for Scott Brown is that he is the candidate of moral values. He has spoken out against gay marriage and gay families:
He touched off a political firestorm in 2001 when he disparaged Democratic state Senator Cheryl Jacques and her domestic partner, Jennifer Chrisler, for deciding to have children. In an interview with the Globe, Brown said it was "not normal" for two women to have a baby. He also dismissed Jacques's role in the relationship as her "alleged family responsibilities." He later backed off his statements, saying he chose the wrong words.
Campaigning on the "small government" platform (he's a Republican, we remind you), Brown used his Massachusetts Senate post in 2007 to vote for an amendment banning same-sex marriage. Because it ruins families!
The issue here is not Scott Brown's short-lived career in porn. It's his hypocrisy.

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