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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More stories about the evangelically Marvelous Mrs. Robinson!

By Suzanne Breen of the Belfast Telegraph.
It's a tale of two Irises. There is Iris Robinson, dutiful wife and committed Christian, quoting scripture and denouncing the sexual immorality of others. And then there is Iris, the woman who walks on the wild side, takes a teenage lover, and craves the forbidden fruit.

In all the years I've known her, there was always this internal struggle. Sometimes, she'd say she liked nothing better than jumping into her Mini, speeding along the motorway, blasting Bruce Springsteen.

Other days, she'd insist that she no longer listened to rock, it was un-Christian. Gospel music was all she played. Her favourite book was the Bible, she'd say. She read it every day "for correction and direction". [...]

The grown-up Iris faced similar turmoil. "I would love to have Moses, Jacob and Christ around a [dinner] table to hear what they have to say," she announced, predicting she'd meet them in the next world.

Yet in this world, she was enjoying less spiritual pleasures with Kirk McCambley, her handsome 19-year-old lover. He was young enough to be her grandson. Iris's eldest son, Jonathan, is in his late 30s.

From a feminist perspective, perhaps Iris's affair is to be savoured. How many aging men enjoy young sexy girlfriends without anyone batting an eyelid? And, as a woman of pensionable age, her libido is surely to be celebrated.

Iris never did anything without passion. I always found her a warm, kind, emotional woman. But there is something highly disturbing about an affair with a boy she'd known from the age of nine.

She was highly manipulative, too. She secured the money for her lover from two property developers, but demanded Kirk give her a £5,000 cut. The Robinsons earn almost £600,000 a year from politics.

When the affair ended, Iris seems to have been petty and vindictive. She ordered Kirk to repay the £45,000. She set a deadline. The image of Iris as Peter's meek, subdued wife is nonsense. Here was a woman mercilessly wielding her authority.

And this wasn't Iris's first affair, a one-off mistake as a result of mental instability. She allegedly had an affair with Kirk's father, Billy. There was reportedly another affair in the 1980s with a DUP member. [...]

A massive four-poster Gothic bed with heart-shaped cushions dominated the Robinsons' bedroom. Iris had her own dressing room. Black lacy underwear was laid out for a function she was attending later. She opened her 'bra drawers' to reveal row upon row of sexy lingerie. "Peter has over 1,000 ties and I have as many bras," she said.

Her breath-taking hypocrisy has been exposed - denouncing homosexuality while having extra-marital affairs. The Robinsons' moral pontifications and flaunting of their wealth, have irritated many over the years. On the surface, they had it all - the flash home, the holidays in Dubai and Florida, the dream life. But compare them to Ian and Eileen Paisley. One is a marriage of style; the other of substance.
Give Mrs. Robinson a break! I mean, it's not like she was doing Kirk and Billy at the same time. Now that might be seen as unchristian, albeit forgivable with the right stance against gays and abortion. In America, that level of hypocrisy would have merited a Republican Senate seat.

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