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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mel Gibson's new movie

Didn't take #1 away from Avatar. Per Nikki Finke:
Way more questions surrounded the Warner Bros-distributed Edge Of Darkness starring Mel Gibson in his big screen comeback in front of the camera after an 8-year hiatus. All week Industry chatter focused on whether the director, unquestionably brilliant behind the camera, can regain the star status he enjoyed before that July 2006 drunken anti-semitic rant damaged his public image. But how this new pic performs may relate more to Mel's present day status as an aging action star whose appeal now lies mainly with older males. Produced and financed by GK Films, the Martin Campbell-directed Edge Of Darkness on Friday debuted exactly as Warner Bros expected: the studio this morning told me it received a "b+" CinemaScore and opened to $5.6 million Friday from a wide release of 3,066 theaters for what should be an $1.5M weekend. "We outperformed every vendor who projects via tracking," the WB exec said. But was that lowered expectation good enough? Well, a younger and scandal-less Gibson opened the R-rated crime story Payback to $21M back in 1999. On the other hand, maybe Mel fans who spent Friday night at Shabbos dinner will be first in line tonight for his new pic.

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