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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The last word

And it is, improbably, given its contents, the top diary on Kos. Take a look.


omen said...

you know tarp was passed with a "you must act now" used car salesman, high pressure tactic. look what it got us: huge transfer of wealth with hardly any strings attached. opportunity to apply leverage and inject reform squandered. this is deja vu all over again.

instead of learning a lesson to avoid repeating that mistake, once again dems are being threatened with fear tactics. the house is going to be demonized if they dont rubberstamp a bad bill, but it was senator baucus who needlessly held up passage by not allowing the bill out of committee. rubberstamping -instead of working to put out the best product possible- is a failure to practice due diligence and a irresponsible dereliction of duty.

omen said...

first, obama hands unions a break on paying the excise tax. next, andy stern surfaces demanding the flawed senate bill be passed quickly. was that part of the quid pro quo, backroom deal? as in "i'll give you break if you exercise influence and apply pressure."

nice. everyday this administration gets shadier and shadier.

Sini said...

If the Administration keeps fucking up after health care passes the House, I will join you in giving up hope. I think the President's people are smart enough to realize they need to seize the populist moment ASAP... if not out of conviction, out of pragmatism.