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Thursday, January 21, 2010

If the Senate plan isn't passed by the House, reform is probably dead

As Josh Marshall wrote, there is no plan yet. House members aren't sure what to support, and the Senate is not going to touch the subject again if the House rejects a plan that passed with a now impossible 60 vote supermajority. If you want reform, call your representative (not someone else's whom you feel is somehow more important), and tell them to pass the Senate bill. If not, health care reform is dead for at least a quarter century.

And once it's passed, let's raise hell again... and talk about reconciliation until we're blue in the face, till the bill is sweetened to our liking.

UPDATE: Josh Marshall's quote:
My strongest sense however is not so much that decisions have been made to drop reform as that it's something like a matter of survivors walking around -- half dazed -- after some sort of natural disaster. There is no plan. It actually seems highly, highly fluid and possibly susceptible to dramatic change if any of the key players assert themselves. But I'm not sure there's anyone really ready to do that, unless rank-and-file Democrats and Reform supporters assert themselves.

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